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Rules of the Gulfview Condominium and Information for Guests and Lessees

These rules and regulations have evolved from the experience of the Gulfview Board of Directors and management and in compliance with the appropriate laws of the State of Florida (Condominium Act Chapter 718). 

For the enjoyment of all persons, and to maintain the quality status of our building, adherence to these rules is mandatory. 

The Association may terminate any Lease Agreement and evict a Lessee for failure to abide by the rules and regulations.  Owners may be subject to fines.

Although many of these rules are applicable to owners as well as Lessees and Guests, owners should refer to the booklet entitled “Gulfview Club Condominium Owner’s Information” concerning other obligations relating to ownership.  Specific rules relating to the conduct of Vendors and Contractors are located for distribution in the building office.

The Board of Directors has made management responsible for the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations.  If corrective action is beyond the scope of their duties, they will refer such action and complaints to the Board of Directors.

All residents must register with the Association upon arrival.  In case of emergency, local authorities must know which units are occupied and the number of persons in each unit.

If you have a problem or emergency when the office is not open, please contact the attendant in the lobby for assistance or dial the office number (239-394-6104) to contact the attendant.

Building office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM.  If you have a problem or emergency when the office is not open, please contact the attendant in the Lobby for assistance, or dial the office number to contact an attendant.  An attendant is on duty until 12:00 midnight.  An activated fob must be used after midnight for entrance into the lobby.  If no other means of entry is available after that time, access may be gained by calling the office number.  If this is necessary, a “lock-out” fee of $50.00 will be charged.

Security of the building should be of the utmost concern to all of us.  All outside doors shall be kept locked at all times and shall not be blocked open for any reason.  Do not let anyone into the building unless you can identify them and will be responsible for them.  Please note that our building is under 24 hour camera surveillance.

For your safety all common areas of the building are sprinkled.  Fire alarms are located in all units, with speakers capable of being heard from the bedrooms.  Pull stations are located at all egress areas of the building.  There are three stairwells, one at the end of each hallway and one by the elevators.  In case of emergency, once outside, do not block doorways or driveways.

Please be aware that tampering with the smoke detector in your unit will send a signal to the Fire Department.

If you have a true fire emergency, dial 911.

Telephone Entry System

The entry phone is programmed to dial each apartment.  The corresponding owner’s or annual renter’s name is listed on the directory along with the code to dial the apartment.  After the apartment is reached, entry is accomplished by pressing 6 on the apartment telephone.  The system works the same for both the pool entry and the front entry.

Article I – Garage and Parking

1.1 Unregistered or unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owners’ expense.  Each apartment has one assigned space which bears the same number as the apartment and is for that unit’s exclusive use.  Vehicles parked in another unit’s parking space are subject to towing unless a letter of authorization is on file with the office.

1.2 Parking in the circular drive area is prohibited.  Short term parking for the purpose of loading and unloading is permissible near the service entrance for 10 minutes.  Do not leave the vehicle unattended.

1.3 A valid handicap sticker is required to use handicap parking spaces and is intended for temporary use only.  Long term use is not encouraged due to the limited number of spaces.

1.4 All vehicles are stored at the vehicle owner’s risk.  Storage of bicycles and other articles in the garage area is at the owner’s risk.  Bicycles must be registered.

1.5 All vehicles must be registered with the office.  Lessees and guests must display a parking permit card which can be viewed through the windshield.  Unassigned parking is available on the top floor of the parking garage.  Limited guest parking is also available in the east lot next to Collier Boulevard.   Overnight parking in either parking lot is prohibited.

1.6 Skating, skateboarding and bike riding are prohibited on condominium property except in the driveway to enter and exit the property.

1.7 Speed shall not exceed 5 MPH.

Article II – Building and Grounds

2.1 Apartments shall be used in accordance with existing laws and restrictions.  Apartments are for residential use only and such use shall not constitute any nuisance to others.  Overnight occupancy for Lessees and guests is limited to five (5) persons per apartment.

2.2 No garments, rugs, towels etc. may be hung from the windows or balconies.  No bird feeding is allowed anywhere on the property.

2.3 Smoking is not allowed in any common area within the building or on the Pool Deck. Partaking of food or drink are not allowed with the exception of the social room.  Check reservation sheet in office for availability.

2.4 All items requiring carts must enter and exit through the service entrance.  Carts must be returned to the service area immediately after use.

2.5 No grilling or cooking is allowed on balconies or anywhere on the grounds. However, there is a new grilling area outside by the satellite dishes with two gas grills for your use.  You must reserve a grill prior to using, and follow all opening and closing rules for use of the grills.  See the sign up and rules sheet in the office.

2.6 All apartment, laundry and trash room doors are to be kept closed.  Hallway floors may not be obstructed (rugs, shoes, beach chairs, strollers, etc.) in any manner.  This rule is to comply with the Fire Safety Code.

2.7 Laundry rooms are located on each floor.  There are 13 units using each facility.  Please be considerate and remove clothes when machines stop.  Dryers operate for 40 minutes and washers 30 minutes for each load.  Clean lint traps in dryer after use.  Laundry hours are from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm.

2.8 Guests, family members and lessees are not allowed to have pets on the premises.  (Any individual with an Emotional Support Animal must complete the Request Form at least 20 days prior to arrival in order to bring one onto Gulfview property.)

2.9 Repeated opening and closing of sliding doors or loud conversation late at night or early in the morning on the balcony is considered a nuisance.

2.10 Trash may be disposed of in 3 ways:  the trash chute, the trash room and the recycling bins.  Large items and boxes cannot be placed in the trash chute.  They may block the chute and cause injury to those who must remove them.  All boxes and large items should be brought to the trash room, outside near the service entrance.  The recycling bins are located in the lowest level of the garage.  All other trash should be bagged in plastic bags and deposited in the trash chute located on each floor.  Newspapers, glass and plastic should be placed in the appropriate recycling bin and not put down the trash chute.  Use of trash chute is limited to the hours of 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

2.11 Children shall be properly supervised at all times and are NOT permitted to play with or in the elevators or hallways.  Elevator doors must never be blocked open.

2.12 There is a car wash located on the ground area in back of the garage.  Water should be turned off and the hose replaced when finished.

2.13 Upon vacating the unit, all furniture and other items of personal property  must be removed from the balcony.

Article III – Pool

3.1 When you go to the pool, beach, storage or bike room  be sure to take your building and apartment keys as you will need them for access to these areas and to re-enter the building.

3.2 Swimming hours are from 9:00 AM until one-half hour before sunset to comply with county requirements.   An exception allows adults to use the pool for exercise at 8:00 AM, maintenance permitting. 

3.3 Children not toilet trained are NOT permitted in the pool.  Children still wearing diapers or “swimmies” are not permitted in the pool.  This includes sitting on the edge of the pool.

3.4 No incontinent person requiring the need of undergarment protection is permitted in the pool.

3.5 Chairs and lounges may not be reserved.  No pool furniture is to be removed from the pool deck.  Do not drag furniture across the deck.

3.6 Flotation devices such as rafts, rings, inner tubes and floating chairs are not allowed in the pool.  Noodles can be used as swim aids only.  Use of noodles as objects of game playing is prohibited.

3.7 As required by Florida state law, no food, drink, glass or animals are allowed in the pool or on the pool deck.

3.8 Running, diving, jumping, horseplay, ball or Frisbee playing or any other noisy activities is not permitted in or near the pool area.  Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children.

3.9 Radios, tapes or cd’s  are to be used only with earphones.  Every effort should be made to keep noise to a minimum for the maximum enjoyment of everyone.

3.10 Everyone must shower before entering the pool to remove lotions and oil.  It is against Florida law to enter the pool with open sores, cuts or any communicable disease.

3.11 Cover-up and footwear is required in the building.  Remove all sand and dry off before entering the building.  All beach equipment, chairs, strollers, etc. should be free of sand before entering the building.

3.12 Smoking is not allowed on the Pool Deck.

Article IV – Tennis and Pickleball

4.1 Tennis and Pickleball courts are located on the north side of the building.  Access is through the door located by the elevators in the lobby.  Reservations for use must be made on the tennis and pickleball sign-up sheet at the office.  Pickleball paddles are available in the office.  Reservations are on a first come basis.

4.2 Courts are for use of Gulfview residents and their guests only.

4.3 Proper attire (including shirts) must be worn at all times.  Athletic shoes are required on the courts.

4.4 Play periods are for one hour per day, per apartment.  If you have not claimed your court by 10 minutes after your scheduled time, the court is declared an open court.  If you are unable to use your reserved time, please remove your name from the reservation list.

4.5 After 1:00 PM each day, you may reserve an additional hour if all the court times have not been reserved.

Article V – Exercise Room

5.1 The exercise room is located by the pool entrance.  The room contains treadmills, a weight machine, exercycles, health rider and weights.  The equipment is always available for use.  You will need your apartment key to gain entry.

5.2 The exercise room is available for use between 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

5.3 Equipment is for use of Gulfview occupants in residence.

5.4 Use of any equipment is at your own risk.  Please read and follow operating instructions before using any equipment.
5.5 No children under the age of 16 are permitted in the exercise room.

5.6 No swimwear is permitted in the exercise room.  Users coming from the beach must remove all sand before using equipment.  Proper attire is required including shirt and athletic shoes.

5.7 Use of all equipment should be limited to 30 minutes when other people are waiting.

5.8 Please wipe equipment after each use and turn off television and lights when leaving.

Article VI – Social Room

6.1 The social room located on the first floor is available for private parties by reservation on a first come basis.  A cleaning deposit of $25. is required and is refundable if the room is properly cleaned after use.

6.2 The social room is for the use of Gulfview residents and their guests only.

6.3 Responsibility for cleaning the room belongs to the person booking the room.

6.4 Party overflow is not permitted onto pool deck, but is permitted on the west patio.

Telephone Numbers

Emergency - Police-Fire-Medical  911
Marco Police    389-5050
Marco Fire Rescue   389-5040
City of Marco    389-5000
Mackle Park    642-0575
Chamber of Commerce    394-7549
NCH Marco HealthCare Center Urgent Care   624-8540
Physicians Regional Marco Island Walk-in Clinic   394-1670
Poison Control Center   800-222-1222 or aapcc.org
Naples Daily News / Marco Eagle  239-213-5300 or 877-263-6047
   or for delivery / subscription 239-263-4839 or 800-404-7343
      online:    naplesnews.com  
      marcoislandflorida.com    marcoeagle.fl.newsmemory.com
Marco Movies    642-1111  or marcomovies.com
Library     394-3272 or collierlibrary.org
Fed Ex     800-463-3339 or fedex.com
UPS     800-742-5877 (800-PICK-UPS) or UPS.com
Marco Post Office   393-2079 or usps.com
LCEC Electric    800-599-2356 or lcec.net
CenturyLink Telephone   877-436-2277 or centurylink.com
Summit Cable   239-444-0400 or 642-4545 or summit-broadband.com
Gulfview Office    239-394-6104
Gulfview Fax    239-394-5033

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