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1. Work is permitted between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Contractors and service people must be out of the building by 5:00 pm. Quiet work on Saturday must be pre-approved by Manager.

2. Parking is only permitted in the Collier Blvd. part of the parking lot. Vehicles may park in front of Service Entrance briefly to load or unload product. Traffic circle must never be blocked off to traffic.

3. Vendors must be prepared to use their own carts to transport tools or product. The Gulfview’s luggage and grocery carts are off limits.

4. All vendors or service people must sign in and out in front of Manager’s Office. Unit keys signed out may not leave the premises.

5. Vendors and housekeepers must use Service Entrance.

6. Vendors must use Service Elevator on left to transport tools or construction product. Vendors must make sure protection mats are hanging up if needed.

7. Unit access will not be permitted without prior owner authorization.

8. Renovations and projects requiring permits must have a Board approved Application for Unit Modification prior to commencement.

9. Permits must be posted on the unit door prior to commencement.

10. Hallway carpets must be protected. Do not use floor protection with glue. Carpet remnants outside and just inside the unit is advised with drywall or tile work. Common Areas must be kept clean at all times. The cost of cleanup or repairs to Common Area rugs or walls will be assessed to the contractors and owners.

11. Application for Unit Modification must be submitted to office, with vendor License and Insurance info prior to any renovation work or work requiring permits.

12. All permits must be posted on the Unit door PRIOR to work commencement.     

13. When laying tile or wood floors, Proflex 90 is the required underlayment. This must be inspected by Manager prior to laying tile.  Management is to be notified in advance if the project includes replacement of balcony tile. Grout or thin set must not be disposed of in any building drain.

14. Vendors are not permitted to open up Common Area walls without prior permission from Management.

15. Painters must not clean or dump paint buckets, brushes or rollers in the common areas or grounds.

16. Cable TV conduit may not be moved without prior Board approval.

17. Fire safety devices such as smoke detectors or speakers may not be moved without management approval.

18. Drain pans for all hot water heaters must be tied into existing drain.

19. Hallway carpet must be protected during installation of AC or Hot Water Units. Tell your vendor!

20. All trash and demolition product including carpeting or old furniture is to be removed from the Gulfview Property. Gulfview dumpsters may not be used to dispose of renovation material. Absolutely no large items or materials may be thrown down the Trash Chutes.

21. No noisy installation, repair or renovation work is permitted from January 1 through April 30.  “Soft” work such as painting or laying carpet may be permitted at the discretion of the Manager. Please keep management updated on any “in home” projects that may cause disturbance.

22. No window replacements are permitted in the 05, 07, 09, and 08 condos, located over the pool deck, between October 15th and May 1st.

Contractors found in violation of the above rules may not be permitted to work at The Gulfview until the violation has been corrected and payment is made for any damage sustained.


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