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Dear Gulfview Owners:

Here’s just a few quick notes:

  • Now that we have closed up the units that were exposed to the elements, please know that there was very little water intrusion in most of the units.
  • We will continue to conduct at least complete building/unit inspection each week.
  • If you find any issues involving your condo ac, appliances, or walls……. Please keep a record, receipts and pictures if applicable and save them for us.
  • If you know anyone who took pictures around the Gulfview during or after the storm, please send them to us for the adjusters.
  • This morning our great fire dept. for a second time in a week came through and delivered150 gallons of diesel for the generator.
  • LCEC will probably turn off our power within the next 24 hours, for at least 8 hours. They plan to run 2 new power supply lines up to the 4th floor to restore power to the 4th , 5th, and 6th, floors.
  • Our amazing crew spent the whole morning cleaning and stripping the Cooling Towers. Condee Cooling will be coming in on Monday to rig it to work at at least 50% capacity. Many of the Cooling Towers and Generators along the beach, were blown away.
  • Our guys have started work on the pool and should have it up and running in a few days. That’s it for now.


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