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Dear Gulfview Owners:

Our internet was down yesterday so Iím catching up with you this morning.

  • Keys Claims has been hired to represent the Association in our claims process. Sometime in the near future they will be getting together with the adjusters representing the Insurance Companies to inspect The Gulfview. We have secured the windows and doors that we know have been compromised. Although we have taken photos (we are in the process of putting them together), if you have any additional repairs done in your unit, whether it has to do with windows, drywall, ceiling, floors or even air conditioning, please take photos and document all of the work. We will submit all documentation to our adjuster.
  • We had a couple of contractors (Omega) go back through the damaged units to help clean up broken glass and make sure the openings were secured.
  • The Cooling Tower is up and running and the units have air.
  • The electric power has been consistent throughout the building over the last three days.
  • My wife Pat, son Eric and several volunteers from the building spent the last (2) days emptying freezers and refrigerators in the building. The power at the Gulfview was out for several days and we do not want to take a chance on spoiled foods. They filled over (5) 2 yard dumpsters. In the process, they did their best to reset the thermostats and humidistats in the units, and took another look around to make sure we didnít miss any broken windows or sliders. Our thanks to Mr. Jerry Dowden (906), Mrs. Kelleher (401), Mr. Tyler (2111) and Mr. Sawick (205). The work was tedious and required a lot of heavy lifting in some very warm hallways and units. They did a great job.
  • The pool has been closed because we took time to find and repair two pretty bad leaks. We are cleaning it up it up today and should have it ready in the next couple of days.
  • If you are in residence and happen to find any extension cords or stray furniture in the hallways or laundry rooms, please notify the office or bring it down. We are still missing one of the cushions from our lobby couch. If you need a professional assessment of any furniture or fixture that may have been damaged during the storm, you may contact Christina Heller (239) 641-6904.


Alan Linardich CAM
The Gulfview Apartments of Marco Island, Inc.

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