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2009/2010 Painting

2009/2010  Painting
The Board of Directors has signed a contract with Commex Painting to paint and restore the exterior of The Gulfview.
They will be scraping the paint off all balcony rails and original window framework before they paint.
They will be working on the "05". "07" and "09" stacks over the pool decks between December 5th and January 15th.
Once these are complete they will be working their way around to the North Side.
This project will be going on through May.  In the Spring and Summer months they will be doing the garage interior.
Please make sure the office has keys for any vehicles left in the parking garage.
Samples of the colors and exterior design are on display in the Social Room.
We are Looking for Photographs

We are trying to put together an album of the history/evolution of the Gulfview Club. When finished it will be on the website for all to see.

Does anyone have photos of the construction of the building? Of the buliding as it was 30 years ago? Events? Residents? Grounds?

Please share your memories with a short note of who, what and when details of the photograph. You can forward the materials to m.marinello@comcast.net . Thank you for your help with this project.

Mary Marinello

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