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Irma Update June 8, 2018


  • The Roof Project has been underway for a week, and approximately 40% of the roof starting at the West end has been removed and sealed to prevent rain from penetrating the roof.
  • As Veteran’s Roofing crosses to the other half of the roof, we will be sending a cleanup crew to check and clean each balcony. It has been impossible to keep all debris from flying over the roof walls as they chip away at the stone covered rooftop.
  • The Roofers have been working from 6 – 6:30 am to 6 - 8:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.
  • We have work to do on roof drains and the lightning protection system.
  • The Cooling Towers have been delivered to the Gulfview.  We have been told that  Condee hopes to remove the existing Cooling Towers around  June 21. In the meantime we plan to put high velocity fans in the hallways and a box fan in the condominiums to move the air while the air is off.
  • The Service Entrance and front lobby entrance will still be off limits while the crane is operating.


Thank you.

Alan Linardich CAM

The Gulfview Apartments of Marco Island, Inc



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